Rheingau Tours

Frankfurt Stopover/ Frankfurt Layover

We meet you in either Terminal 1 or 2 at the meeting-point for your very individual sightseeing tour.
This tour can be booked for 3 - 12 hours - according to your needs.
Transfer to Frankfurt City will be done by Metro, all other tours will be done with my Mercedes B-Model.

You may decide whether you would prefer to discover the old part of Frankfurt, passing the famous Römerberg, the Goethehaus, the Frankfurt stock-market, the Opera and if possibly visit the Main Tower.

Or whether you prefer to visit Wiesbaden - the beautiful capitol of Hesse. This town was built when everywhere else the industrialisation has started. But there should be one place for people to relax, spend their holiday, enjoy the theatres and the beautiful gardens. During your visit to Wiesbaden you may discover the Spa, the Casino or maybe even the Russian Church.

OR: You prefer to take a tour into the Rhine-Valley - maybe even including a cable-car-ride in Ruedesheim or a short river-cruise on the Rhine? Even this entertaining tour could be done in a 6-7 hours time frame (depending of the season) instead of hanging around at Frankfurt Airport...